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An Ode to Field Roast: The Best Vegan Tailgate Food

Sorry for the hiatus, law school exams will do that to you.  But I am back now and will be posting regularly, even through the offseason.

I did make it down to the tailgate two weeks ago on bike.  A quick trip to the muni lot is better than skipping it altogether.  I brought a tupperware of cucumber/tomato salad and Sara had a package of Chipotle Field Roast

sausages.  That’s it. Nothing creative or off the wall, but still so good!

When in a pinch the number one vegan tailgate food is Field Roast sausage.  There is no debate.  From the real ingredients to ancient traditional recipes, Field Roast are a hit at tailgates.

I have used Field Roast in a number of recipies here on this blog (chili dogs and stuffed boomers) and in past blog posts over on Love Your Leftovers (lentil soup).  The chipotle is perfect in paella or any pasta dish.  The italian is great in wedding soup or pasta fagole.  The possibilities are endless.

Here are the top 5 reasons why I love Field Roast:

  1. Real food, made by real people.  And they’re growing.
  2. It’s better than all the competitors, which are usually soy based. 
  3. They are served at Safeco Field in Seattle.  How cool is that?
  4. They don’t just have weiners, they also have roasts and deli slices.
  5. 25 grams of protein per sausage.  Where do YOU get YOUR protein?!
Photo Roll (after the jump)!


This made my day in Seattle

Pasta Fagole with Italians and a vegan cesar 
Ready for some pasta sauce
Chili dogs
Get that meat outta here!
A chipotle on a hoagie bun with bbq and grilled peppers/onions
Chopped Italians in a pan before being thrown into some soup
Chili doggies
And they have a sign at the ball park!
Lazy grilled dinner: Chipotle, ports and some greens
Summer grill out

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